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WHY MAGNISHIELD? The appearance and condition of your vehicle are not only key to an enjoyable ownership experience, but absolutely critical when it comes to maintaining its current and resale value.

MAGNISHIELD is guaranteed to protect the appearance and condition of your vehicle’s treated interior and exterior surfaces for up to seven years, a promise that’s backed by a comprehensive, fully insured warranty.

WHY NOW? Because despite your best intentions, and no matter how meticulous your care, accidents happen. In fact, it’s not a matter of IF that first mishap will occur, but WHEN.

Have you ever parked a little further away and walked the extra distance, just to be sure no one would park their vehicle so close to yours that they could open a door into it … only to return to see a dent or abrasion proving that’s exactly what happened? Or maybe your vehicle’s first wounds will be the result of an ordinary road trip, when you run into an extraordinary swarm of bugs that simply won’t wash off.

And bugs are far from Mother Nature’s only potential weapons. On an otherwise beautiful warm, sunny day, a deposit of bird droppings or tree sap on your vehicle’s hood, roof or trunk can bake on and etch into their painted surfaces. Or, perhaps your first costly injury comes from scraping one of those shiny new wheels against a curb that you would have sworn wasn’t that close.

Then there’s your vehicle’s interior. No amount of care can keep every drop of coffee, soda or milkshake, or every donut, taco, sandwich, french fry or spoonful of soup, safely bottled or contained. Just one unfortunate event from a queasy feeling, or restroom challenged, child or pet can cost you hundreds.

And the cost of such calamities can soar depending on the source and surface involved. Damage from spilled ink, bleach or makeup, or just a small, accidental tear, puncture or burn to your interior’s upholstery or carpet can cost a small fortune or, if you are a MAGNISHIELD customer, perhaps nothing at all. The choice is yours.

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Valuable Coverage Not  Included in
Your Vehicle’s Factory Warranty.

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