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While Alarming, it’s True: The steering wheel of the average vehicle in America harbors NINE TIMES MORE harmful bacteria than the average public toilet seat!

Research reveals that the average public toilet seat hosts 80 germs per square inch, while the average steering wheel is home to over 700! That’s pretty frightening news considering that over 75% of infectious diseases are spread by hands touching every- day surfaces.

Scarier yet, the steering wheel is far from the most germ ridden vehicle surface. Gear shift handles and trunks come in between 1500 – 2000 germs per square inch each.

Screenshot 2023-10-13 at 2.05.38 PM.png

How our Cars Make us Sick

  • When someone coughs in your vehicle, 3000+ droplets of germ-laden saliva, traveling up to 50 mph, are broadcast throughout its interior.

  • Sneezes are worse, sending some 40,000 tiny droplets, which can remain afloat almost indefinitely, airborne at speeds over 200 mph.

  • A sick person’s cough or sneeze can contain 200,000,000 individual virus particles and can infect others up to 10 feet away.

  • Germs enter our bodies through our mouths, noses, eyes and breaks in our skin.

  • About 75% of most common illnesses are spread by hands.

  • Every 3 minutes, a child brings his or her hands to their nose or mouth.

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