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Sales as a Service

As a sales representative of A.G.P. we want you focused more on customer service than "closing the deal." Helping our customers receive a new and safe replacement windshield for them and their family is what we do. In addition to that most of the time it is at NO COST to them. They just need someone to educate and assist them. That is why you are there!

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The Process

A.G.P. process is proven in the field. Trust the process... It takes 21 years to become 21 years old. Take time every day to improve not just what you say but how you say it.

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Point of Contact

As the old saying goes "You don't get a second chance to make a first impression." Smile. Eye contact, fist bump or shake, MAKE AN IMPRESSION! Smiles, rainbows and glitter as Matt would say.

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You don't need to be obvious you are looking for windshield damage, or do you? It all depends on your approach. Try it both ways and see where YOUR numbers are better.

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The better your customer understands the process necessary to replace their windshield the easieer it is to complete the order. Practice your explanation and make it easy to un derstand.

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Garbage in garbage out! Make sure you proof all your entries in windshield valet BEFORE you hit the submit button. ALL pics ALL information will help your claims team complete the install for you. $$$

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Your claims team is your support team, help them help you. A warm hand off with a customer who is well educated on what to expect goes a long way. When you work together as a team it ensures your success.

Satisfaction Guaranteed When

YOU do what's right by the


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